Den Nye Fjorden designed a new logo, new labels and a business card for a small Catalan delicatessen producer from the Pyrenees, Tocineria Casasnovas Piris | You can click on the images to see them larger

 “Our professional relationship with Agnès has been (and still is) very positive.

We contacted her for the first time because we wanted to change our company’s logo. It was an important task for us, because the logo had to define ourselves and at the same time make us attractive to our clients. Our concern was that we had no previous ideas for creating the logo which had to convey our essence. Agnès’s work was perfect. Without any bother, and in an easy way, we had more than accomplished our objective.

Agnès is a person easy to communicate with and who also listens. It is a pleasure to work with her.” Joaquim Piris i Carme Casasnovas